Anthony Mill - Coventry, RI

Starr Development Partners is one of New England’s leading firms specializing in redeveloping historic mills. It focuses on rehabilitating properties recognized by the National Park Service and each State’s Historic Preservation Office as historical landmarks into high quality, modern housing.  The finished product preserves the historic integrity of the landmark.

Throughout our years developing real estate we have created life-long friendships and business partnerships that play a crucial role in the success of our projects.  It is our hope that every project we undertake results in high quality housing as well as success for all of our business partners from the financial, public and contracting sectors. 

Properties we tackle are typically abandoned, derelict mill buildings prior to redevelopment.  Upon completion of the rehabilitation the properties again become thriving, modern and vibrant parts of their communities for years to come.

See the photos of our projects and you will sense the transformation.

Starr Development Partners, LLC
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